About US

Helping improve your sewing Experience For Over 25 Years

We are a Canadian compagnie located in Laval, Quebec, Canada. We have been in the sewing machine business for over 24 years. We are experts in the sale of all kinds of sewing machines and specializing in Walking-Foot Machines.

We give outstanding service to all of our customers.  We already sold hundreds of these sewing machines and we have received hundred good feedbacks from our customers. We are 110% confident about the quality and reliability of these Walking-Foot sewing machines.

We also service all makes of sewing machines, industrials and domestics and we have all parts available. Our technicians respectively have 12 years and 24 years of experience in the reparation of sewing machines. Each walking foot sewing machine is carefully inspected and tested by either one of our qualified technicians to insure the highest quality standards.

Why Choose a omega machine!

A Walking-Foot sewing machine is a very good investment for many reasons:

durable and reliable

A Walking-Foot will easily last for years and decades. It is made entirely of solid metal parts.


A walking foot is very versatile and can sew many different kinds of fabrics.


It is much more powerful and able to sew much thicker materials that regular domestic sewing machine.


The walking foot allow for a more consistent and precise stitch. It can be transported easily also.

Cost Efficient

Less expensive compared to an industrial sewing machine. It's an investment that can last a lifetime!

you save lot of money!

No need to pay anyone for your reparations: boat and car cover, sail repairs, clothing, upholstery, etc…